Cleanliness in Spas

I recently had 2 of my clients mention that they went somewhere else to get their faced waxed and they both broke out in a red itchy rash. They both stated that the tech double dipped in the wax, and didn’t cleanse their faces before or after. This got me to thinking, it is important to educate the public on what to look for to ensure the place of business is following the safety and sanitation laws. It is our responsibility as licensed professionals to follow these laws for the safety of our clients and ourselves. Please read below for some tips to look for the next time you go get a service at a spa or salon.


1.When receiving a waxing service, are they wearing gloves, prepping the skin and using a new stick each time in the wax pot?

~ It is important for the service provider to wear gloves to protect you and themselves. Also, that they are cleansing the skin of any makeup, etc before and after. Prepping the skin is key so that the skin is clean and free of bacteria. When facial waxing, I apply oil as a barrier so the skin is protected. During any waxing service, the service provider should be using a new stick each time they dip in the pot. The wax pot is a breeding ground for bacteria, and the temp is not hot enough to kill any germs. The only time it is acceptable to double dip, is if they are using the whole can of wax on one client only!


2. Is there a tool container with a lid to soak the tools in disinfectant? No product, wax on equipment?

~ Per the state board, there must be a tool container with a lid to soak and disinfect the tools. This kills any blood born pathogens, etc. The service provider needs to ensure to soak the tools for 10 minutes at least. Look around for any  product all over the equipment, wax all over the pot, dirty sheets. The room should be wiped down, including all the equipment. This ensures that they are not spreading any diseases to their clients.


3. Is the service provide re-using disposable tools on you?

~The service provider is required to use new, unused tool on each client. Take a look at the tools before they use them on you. Are they laying on a towel, paper towel, etc. Tools should never be laid out on the cart or counter. Is there any dirt or debris on them? So many diseases can be spread from client to client. Ever contracted pink eye from sharing mascara? Yep, it’s the same concept!


Thank you for reading. I hope this info is useful to you and will help you when choosing an Esthetician!


~Stacey Sova 


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