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The reason I started Sova Skin Solutions is to help people achieve their skin care goals and make them feel beautiful again. I honestly care about making a connection with my clients, getting to know them and making them feel comfortable. I love hearing all about them. By listening to them, I feel like a therapist of sorts. I believe that you can really make an impact and change someones day! I’ve had many tell me that they feel so much better, more relaxed and that they really needed that.

This is why I make it all about the clients experience! From providing a custom facial for their skin type, to shaping and waxing their brows how they want them, even down to the music selection. It’s all about the client! With every client, I strive to make it an excellent experience.  My focus is on improving the clients skin, that is the reason that I use PCA in my practice. It is a great results driven product that doesn’t contain parabens. The company is big on the environment. The packaging is 100% recycleable, down to the peanuts that come in a PCA order, they’re made of cornstarch and can be dissolved in water! They even have a “living wall” of plants in the global headquarters to help purify the air in the working environment.


I offer a referral program too! The client saves on their next treatment, and their friend does too. It’s a win-win! I really try to create an experience and make it all about the client. I have over 14+ years of customer service experience, and I know that if you have had a bad experience, you’re never going back.I also have invested in some advanced classes as well. By investing in myself, I learn and gain the experience, my clients benefit from that knowledge.


I attended a 2 day PCA chemical peel class that went in depth about the ingredients, how they work, what they do, and which skin types they will improve.  This did include hands on training, which gave me the tools to provide a solution to any skincare problem. PCA has award winning peels, and are one of the best in the industry. I also am now certified with  Dermaplane Pro in Seattle. This was a full day of hands on training, led by an experienced Esthetician. The class provided me with the skill, knowledge and confidence to preform dermaplaning! This is my most popular treatment by far, and my clients are loving the results. Their skin is smooth, peach fuzz free for 4+ weeks. Plus, the fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably softened.


Please read some of my happy clients reviews below:


“Stacey does a wonderful job. I had many facials and the one by her was the best by far! I also loved the results of the chemical peel she did as well. I would highly recommend her, she is very articulate in providing information and extremely attentive to her clients needs.”  Alina C.

”Stacey, her space and services are top notch! She is friendly, professional, caring, careful, knowledgeable, and obviously takes her work very seriously. She made sure to make sure that I was comfortable and checked in with me throughout the treatment. I will definitely be recommending her and look forward to more services” Rachel T.

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