Why you should get a chemical peel

chemical peel

Fall is the best time to start a chemical peel series. Due to there is little to no sun, it makes a perfect environment to start. What is a chemical peel, and does it hurt? I get this question a lot. I use the PCA Sensi peel, which is very gentle, with no down time. The treatment starts with a client consult, along with skin care goals, expectations. It is a short treatment,takes about 20 minutes total. The PCA peel is self-neutralizing, so it stays on the face overnight, and then gets washed the following morning. The PCA Sensi peel contains TCA, which helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles, Kojic Acid to help promote an even skin tone, Azeliac Acid to promote a clear complexion and even out the skin tone. As well as Latic Acid, which is an AHA, naturally found in milk and sugars. It is part of the skins natural moisturizing  factor, which helps moisturize the skin.

How it Works

The chemical peel works by gently exfoliating the outer layer of the skin, shedding dead/damaged skin cells, and revealing new, healthy cells to the surface. This process is called cell turnover. As we age, our cell turnover rate slows, leaving damaged cells on the surface. The PCA Sensi peel gives your skin a healthy glow! Some clients do not visibly peel, this does not mean it’t not working. Everyone’s skin is different. Some experience flaking, while others peel in large areas. It all depends on your skin type. The PCA Sensi peel is so gentle, it can even be applied to clients with inflamed acne, Rosacea or even sensitive skin! It is excellent for many skin types, including sun damaged, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scaring.

The Results

Many of my client comment on how their skin feels so soft and looks glowing afterwards. They may experience slight redness in some areas, some itching or tightness. But never really anything else. I send my clients home with a 5 day post peel kit and post care instructions. This kit includes: cleanser, day cream, night cream, anti-itch cream, and a SPF. This is a mandatory use post peel kit to ensure the peel is being taken care of for the optimal results. This is a perfect treatment to get 2 weeks prior to a big event! People will notice how bright and glowing your skin looks.

I am PCA certified in chemical peels. I attended a 2 day class that went in depth about the ingredients, how they work, what they do, and which skin types they will improve.  This did include hands on training, which gave me the tools to provide a solution to any skincare problem. PCA has award winning peels, and are one of the best in the industry! For the month of November, I am offering the PCA Sensi peel for $10 off, making it only $80! This is an excellent no downtime treatment for those who want healthy, glowing skin, but don’t have the time.

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