MSB the powerful handheld LED light

I just purchased the MSB, a handheld LED device that has multiple benefits! This small but powerful tool, enhances product penetration, reduces redness and inflammation, stimulates collagen renewal and skin rejuvenation, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores!


There are 6 different settings on this amazing handheld LED device!

The first setting omits a red LED light, along with thermal heat therapy and an ultrasonic vibration. Thus giving a deep cleaning and exfoliation, along with anti-aging benefits. The red light penetrates into the subdermal layer, promoting collagen renewal.

The second setting omits a blue LED light, along with a negative ION, which has an anti-bacterial effect on the skin, helping reduce oil secretion, inflammation, along with killing the acne bacteria!

The third setting omits a green LED light, along with a negative ION. This light has a anti-inflammatory property, which improves hyperpigmentation, promoting balance and reducing redness.

The fourth setting omits a red/blue/green LED light. This setting is the multi-sympton mode, that treats many skin conditions all at once!

The fifth setting does not omit a light, however uses negative ION, iontophoresis, which pushes products deeper into the skin, allowing those serums to really penetrate into the skin!



This little handheld device is powerful and beneficial  to treat many skin care concerns! It omits Iontophoresis, which is an electrical current that safely passes through the skin, facilitating greater penetration of products into the skin using negatively-charged ions. Plus, it can also be used in reverse, to deeply cleanse skin from dirt and impurities using positively- charged ions.




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