The lash lift process

Heard of a lash lift, but maybe you’re not sure what the process is? Read below to find out!

The whole process takes about an hour. A lot of my clients fall asleep due to it’s so relaxing!

I start by taping down the lower lashes, this ensures that the bottom lashes don’t get processed. I then apply the rod on the lash line using a gentle adhesive that comes off with water. Once I determine the size of rod best for your lash length, I then use the same adhesive to “lift” your lashes on the rod. This takes the longest time due to you want to make sure the lashes are separated, straight and not crossed! I then apply the lift  solution at the base up to half way, but not on the ends…… we don’t want fried lashes ladies. I then remove that with water and use the same process to apply to setting solution. After a cleaning, I remove the rod and apply the tint! Talk about a low maintenance routine in the morning.


Afterwards, you’re left with curled and tinted lashes that last 6 to 8 weeks, even up to 12 for some! The after care is pretty simple. For 24 hours…..

DO brush your lashes upwards, more so in the first 24 hours

Don’t rub eyes, apply mascara, eye cream, eye serum or water

Don’t swim, use steam, or use a tanning bed (even dish washer steam)

Don’t lay on lashes while sleeping

No heat treatments for 24 hours

This is an excellent treatment to receive before a vacation, wedding or even for those new moms who don’t sleep!






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